and give it to a family that has lost thier home in a natural disaster.

It can be very hard to get emergency relief tents into Indonesia after a natural disaster and a tent can make the difference between life and death to a vulnerable family. This year alone, hundreds of thousands of Indonesians have been left homeless by earthquakes, tsunamis and eruptions. We use the incredible power of caring individuals from around the world to bring one tent at a time to the people who need them most, when they need them most. Give back to this country that we all love.

It’s easy. Just follow these simple steps…


Buy or Recycle A Tent

Buy a tent or recycle one out of your garage. Even a small, inexpensive tent will shelter a mother and her newborn from bugs and harsh tropical rains. A larger, more durable tent can house a whole family.



Bring The tent to Bali

Put that tent in your luggage and bring it to Bali. A tent is a personal item and does not need to be declared to Indonesian customs.



Get The tent to Bumi sehat

Once you arrive in Bali we invite you to deliver the tent and take a tour of the Bumi Sehat Foundation birth clinic. If you are busy, simply put it in local post (POS) addressed to the Bumi Sehat Foundation. Click here for address.

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Why JustOneTent?

Tents can be impossible to find after natural disasters in Indonesia. For many reasons, even large NGO’s and aid organizations have trouble bringing tents and tarps into the country.

For a vulnerable family, a tent can make the difference between life and death after an earthquake, tsunami or volcanic eruption. Without shelter, they face mosquito-borne illness, tropical sun, wind and rain. We work with birthing mothers and thier newborns, who are particularly at risk from exposure.

To meet this challenge, JustOneTent is collecting tents from people traveling to Bali, and giving them directly to families in need all over Indonesia. As a project of Bumi Sehat Foundation, we are currently working to house families affected by recent earthquakes on Sulawesi, Lombok and by the eruption of Mt. Agung on Bali. Rainy season is making the need even more urgent.

Please help by giving JustOneTent.

December 2018

You have no idea what a tent means to a family who has lost everything, what it means to a woman giving birth in the rain. Bring a tent. That simple act can change the world for another human.

Robin Lim, Founder, Bumi Sehat Foundation